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  1. Adria Klein was very knowledgeable and informative when she described small group, guided reading. However, I was most impressed with her “strategy” group approach. This idea of having small groups that are skill focused is certainly not a new idea. Most teachers either pull small re-teaching groups throughout the day for every subject area, but they are also having daily small group reading at the same time. We struggle so much with trying to fit everything in…. What was so enlightening and exciting about Adria’s approach was how she manages these strategy groups. Instead of trying to find additional time in our day to run strategy groups, Adria was showing how she incorporates them into her actual guided reading time by alternating guided and strategy groups. She explained how sometimes she alternates days and sometimes she alternates weeks. That is such a simple shift with such a profound effect! This would enable you to do both guided reading and strategy groups without tying up your daily schedule. I am definitely going to try this approach in my own classroom! Thanks Adria!

    • Hi Jennifer,
      I am curious if you have had a chance to try this yourself. What grade level do you teach? If you have followed the 2Sisters and the Cafe and Daily Five model you will notice that they also use strategy groups and have videos of them teaching strategy groups as well as 1:1 conferences. Glad you enjoyed Adria and appreciate her as much as we all do. She possesses a wealth of knowledge and experience.
      See you on Jan. 23rd for the phonics, word work and phonemic awareness workshop. Best, Joanne

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