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  1. I hope you all enjoyed our first class with Steven Dunn! Those of you who are taking the series for CEU credit, you are required to apply some of what you learned in your classroom and then share with this discussion group. If you are not taking the classes for credit you are certainly welcome to share and ask questions with this group.
    We look forward to learning and sharing together!
    See you at our next event on Oct. 16th with Adria Klein.

  2. I really enjoyed Steven Dunn’s presentation. It was relevant and humorous. He understands the importance of allowing teachers to be professional within their classrooms and do what is best for kids. Too often, districts or administrators think that using the adopted curriculum is the only way to teach. It is so valuable to remember that the curriculum was created to make money, not to teach young children. We need to teach to the standards, not to a publisher. I have already incorporated Steven’s editing strategies for both sight words and punctuation. The students are really making progress on spelling the high frequency words and remembering to use periods. I am so glad that I attended his session!

    • Hi j,
      Thanks for your comments. I am glad you found the workshop with Steve helpful and are incorporating some of his strategies in your writing curriculum. I have always used a variety of approaches in my classroom…kind of like when I’m cooking. I look up about 4 recipes for the same thing and then meld several together, adding an extra spice here and a splash of wine there!! When you consider how diverse our classrooms are, we have to have several approaches ready to roll out for our students. The more knowledge we have the better and the more equipped we are to feel empowered to do what is best for our kids, as long as they are succeeding in meeting the standards.
      Hope to see you on the 16th with Adria Klein for “Small group reading istruction.”

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